Anthony Grant - For the Love of the...Rhythm

by Jeff Husted

Comets fans got to know Anthony Grant as he racked up 21 points (17 goals, 4 assists) in his first season with Kansas City. His speed, agility and bright smile have made him an instant fan favorite. What fans may not know is that their new favorite player is also a renowned music producer.

“Music instantly gives me a different feeling,” said Grant. “The right chord or note can change my mood completely…always give good vibes.”

In 2001, Grant remembers seeing Queen Elizabeth visit his home country of Jamaica. The music that filled the air during the celebration of her visit really hit home with him. From the time he was 3 years old he was always singing around the house and at school.

As a member of his high school choir, Grant was always playing around with notes and melodies, but in 2013 he started to get serious. He began to compose music for local artists and friends. His first album, Nocturnal Creature Riddimwas released in 2016.

Music is as important to Grant as his soccer career is. Often, he uses one skill set to better the other.

“Music gets me ready for soccer and vice-versa. Both are equally important to me. The right song can help to put me in rhythm on the field and the good vibes from playing in front of the fans inspire my music.”

Grant, under the ASG Records label, has released over 15 songs that can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Vevo. His latest song, ‘Dance with Me, ft. MaxxCupid’ has already received great reviews. Fans can find the song on YouTube now.