Comets Earn More League Honors

by Scott Levinson

CARLSBAD, CA (April 8, 2021) – The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) today announced the recipients of the All-MASL 3rd Team for the 2021 season.

Each active MASL player, head coach, and one member of each team front office were invited to submit one ballot. Voting was based on the regular season performances.

Calculating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd All-MASL Teams are based on a point system. Players receive three points for a 1st team vote, two points for the 2nd team, and one point for a 3rd team vote. The highest number of points is then calculated to determine three Forward/Midfielders in each team, then two Defenders, and one GK. In case of a tie in points, it is determined by who had more 1st team votes, then 2nd team. The All-Rookie Team is selected by the highest total votes by position (F, M/F, D, GK). Individual Major Awards are based on the highest number of total votes. Tiebreakers go to the player with the most all league points or it can be determined a tie.

2021 Voting Ballots Submitted:

Head Coaches




Team Staff


2021 ALL-MASL 3rd TEAM

F – Nick Perera – Tacoma Stars

F – Max Ferdinand – St. Louis Ambush

M – Maicon De Abreu – Ontario Fury

D – Chad Vandegriffe – Florida Tropics

D – Stefan Mijatovic – St. Louis Ambush

GK – Paulo Nascimento – St. Louis Ambush


F – Leonardo De Oliveira – San Diego Sockers

F – Vini Dantas – Tacoma Stars

F – Tony Walls – St. Louis Ambush

F – Howard Miller Jr – St. Louis Ambush

M – Victor Parreiras – Florida Tropics

M – Brandon Escoto – San Diego Sockers

M – Ricardo Carvalho – Florida Tropics

M – Adam James – Kansas City Comets

D – Uzi Tayou – Ontario Fury

D – Marcio Leite – San Diego Sockers

D – Matt Lewis – Kansas City Comets

D – Cory Keitz – Tacoma Stars

GK – Chris Toth – Tacoma Stars

GK – Nicolau Neto – Kansas City Comets

GK – Boris Pardo – San Diego Sockers

GK – Danny Waltman – Tacoma Stars