Comets Girls: A glimpse inside the pro dance team of the KC Comets

by Nathan Dunn

There are a lot of moving pieces to make every Kansas City Comets home game a memorable experience. One of those pieces is the Comets Girls.

The Comets Girls, a team of 13 dancers led by head coach Victoria, help energize fans through creative and organized dance routines throughout the game.

The job of being a Comet Girl is not simple or easy. It is a commitment many years in the making.

For second-year performance cheerleader Bess, it is a privilege to continue something she has done ever since she could remember.

“It’s a fun experience to be able to dance for a professional soccer team,” Bess said. “You get close with your teammates.”

She also finds dancing to be a great stress reliever from her day job, working as a behavioral health technician at a mental health hospital for kids.

“It is hard to balance at times,” Bess commented. “But I think that’s why I do this, to have that balance from how difficult my job is. I am able to look forward to dancing.”

A typical game day begins many hours before game time. For a 7 p.m. kickoff, the team usually arrives at Cable Dahmer Arena for field practice at 9 a.m. After the gates open, the team is dispersed throughout the concourse and perform dance routines throughout the game.

“Game days are long, but they are exciting and fun,” Victoria said.

Victoria has been with the Comets Girls for six seasons and is in her first season as head coach. The transition from dancing to coaching has forced Victoria to focus more on organizing the team, but she still has a lot of fun.

While the sport of indoor soccer can be foreign to some dancers, it is not foreign to Bethany.

“My dad is a huge MASL fan, so I grew up watching indoor soccer.”

While Bethany grew up in northwest Kansas, her father is originally from California and grew up rooting for the San Diego Sockers.

After attending a game and seeing the dancers, Bethany was excited about the idea of participating in the game through dance. The following season, she tried out for the Comets Girls and made the team.

Now in her second season with the Comets Girls, Bethany’s family has taken a step even closer to indoor soccer.

“When they come to watch me, it's like the perfect thing for my dad because he gets to watch me dance and he gets to watch indoor soccer. So it’s great.”

The Comets Girls perform at every home game before kickoff and after the third quarter. They also keep the energy flowing throughout the game by motivating fans on the platform behind the goal between sections 101 and 120 at Cable Dahmer Arena.

Comets Girls calendars can be purchased on the concourse at Cable Dahmer Arena on game days. The next home game is this Saturday, January 7, at 6 p.m. when the Comets take on the Tacoma Stars. Tickets are available at