by Pete Richmire

With the 2021 MASL season behind us, the focus of the Kansas City Comets has shifted to building on last season’s successes during the upcoming 2021-22 campaign. First on the team’s agenda is the post-season injury update from the team Head Athletic Trainer Shawn DuMers.

Ramone Palmer - recovering well after needing surgery on his left knee.

Stefan Stokic - recovering and enjoying time with his family after ACL reconstruction.

Nacho Flores - ankle is continuing to get better and stronger doing PT.

Mirko Sandivari - doing PT to get his knee feeling better again.

Dominic Francis - recovered nicely while doing CHT in PA.  He is looking forward to getting on the golf course when his wrist is 100%.

Nicolau Neto - working hard with Northwestern Mutual and getting his wrist better.

James Togbah - had successful surgery on his wrist and is doing PT to get it back to 100%.

Alvie Beltran - starting PT to get his ankle back and ready for the next season.

2021 was a hard-played season with the intensity level turned up with players on loan from inactive teams. The Comets played a significant number of games in a short period of time and this injury report is great news as the team looks for a longer playoff run next season.  Comets players and coaches are provided some of the best medical care thanks to the staffs at Rockhill Orthopedic and Select Physical Therapy.