by Regina Bolin

Following a disappointing loss in the first leg of the series, the Kansas City Comets traveled up to Milwaukee to find revenge and keep the playoff hopes alive. Kansas City was the only team to beat the Wave at home in the regular season and they aimed to repeat the feat on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Comets were not able to overcome the Wave and fell by a score of 10-3, the demise coming from fouls and penalties.

The Wave started out the game on the power play after James Togbah received an early blue card. Despite multiple back-to-back saves by Mark Saxby, Ian Bennett scored the first goal of the day.

Though the excitement died down a bit, the physical aspect continued from Thursday’s game. Robert Palmer and Kevin Ellis’s shot attempts came close, but could not find the back of the net.

John Sosa made a clutch save for the team as he cleared the ball off the line to keep the 1-0 score. Milwaukee almost found another goal as Chad Vandegriffe just missed outside of the post.

Saxby’s stretching save pushed Bennett’s last minute shot out of harm’s way right as the first quarter ended. Kansas City got the second quarter off to a strong start with shots from Ellis and Nacho Flores. Sosa produced another goal saving block followed by impressive stops from Saxby.

The Wave struck again, this time Andre Hayne finished the restart goal to send his team ahead by two. Ellis avenged shortly after with a rocket shot of his own and fueled the comeback for the away side.
Sosa found the tying goal with the assist going to Kiel Williams. His upper corner blast brought the team’s spirit back and left the Wave stunned before halftime.

The Comets struggled at the beginning of the third quarter as the Wave trapped the ball in Kansas City’s defensive end for an extended time. Milwaukee almost capitalized on a restart but Saxby made the save and Bennett’s shot went wide.

The Wave found their opportunity minutes later on another power play goal from Bennett. Williams was the third Comet to score following an impressive passing sequence from Kansas City. The 3-3 tie game had tensions flowing and chippy fouls started to set in.

Alex Bradley moved effortlessly around three Comets defenders and blasted the ball into the goal to give the Wave a lead once again. The momentum swung Milwaukee’s way and Luan Olivera and Daniel Chamale pushed the score to 6-3 at the end of the third quarter.

The final quarter began on a bleak note for the Comets as Togbah was expelled from the game and another blue card put the team played shorthanded five on three. Marcio Leite scored the team’s seventh goal and the Wave continued on the power play. Hayne and Olivera both gained braces to give Milwaukee a seven-goal lead.

Kansas City had their work cut out for them in the last half of the fourth quarter. Luck was not on their side as Robert Palmer also received a red card. Ricardinho took advantage of the Comet’s sixth attacker to add another to the scoreboard.

Williams looked for the brace as well, but was blocked by goalkeeper substitution, Rafa Alves. He was not the only player to take a shot at the goal in the final minutes, as multiple Comets tried to close the score gap. However, none were able to find the target.

The Kansas City Comets want to thank all their fans and sponsors for their support throughout this season. The team is already looking forward to the 2019-2020 season and is excited to share their 10th season with supporters.