Comets to celebrate Retro Night with special jerseys and auction

by Nathan Dunn

The Kansas City Comets host the Milwaukee Wave on Saturday at 7 p.m. for the annual Retro Night game at Cable Dahmer Arena.

For the throwback occasion, the Comets will be wearing a special all-red kit with the iconic rainbow in a reverse retro design originally from the 1980s. What makes this kit unique is that the Comets always wore blue or white with this design in the ‘80s, so this is the first time the design will be all-red.

The Comets will be auctioning off autographed retro jerseys on 

Visit for information about special ticket prices for Retro Night.

A great list of indoor soccer alumni will also partake in the Retro Night festivities with representation of the Kansas City Comets, Kansas City Attack, St. Louis Steamers and Wichita Wings. The current players and alumni will be signing autographs after the game:



Alan  Mayer

Comets  1985-89

Ben  Popoola

Comets  1981-82

Bob  Bozada

Steamers/Comets  1980-83

Bryan  Perez

Comets  2013-19

Byron  Alvarez

Comets  2010-2014/2018-19

Chris  Duke

Comets/Attack  1989-92

Christian  Leyva

Attack  1999-2001

Ed  Gettemeier

Steamers/Comets  1984-89

Fran  Heisinger (Trainer)

Attack/Comets  1991-2004

Goran  Hunjak

Attack/Comets  1994-97, 1998-99, 2001-05

Ibrahim  Kante

Steamers/Comets  2004-05, 2012-13

Jack  Park

Attack  1995-98

Jason  Putthoff

Attack  1991-94

Kevin  Handlan

Comets  1981-1985

Kim  Roentved

Wings  1978-87,1991-98,  Comets 1987-91,  Attack 1998-99

Larry  Julius

Attack  1991-93

LeBaron  Hollimon

Attack  2000-01

Nate  Houser

Attack/Comets  1993-04, 2010-11

Shane  Steadman

Comets/Attack  1988-89, 1991-94

Stephen  Paterson

Comets  2014-17

Steve  Pecher

Steamers  1979-84, 1986-87,  Comets 1984-86 

Steve  Summers

Attack  1999-2000

Brian  Harris

Comets  2010-17

Mirsad  Dzilic

Comets  1999-2002, 2010-11

Tom  Knox

Attack  1993-95

Lucas  Rodriquez

Comets  2010-2020

Andre  Braithwaite

Comets  2013-15, 2017-18

Tim  Walters

Steamers  1982-85,  Wings 1985-86 

Rick  Davis

Steamers  1983-86

Roy  Turner (Head Coach)

Wings  1978-86, 1990-93

Kevin  Kewley

Wings  1979-90

Brian  Watley (GM)

Comets  2010-13

Chris  Browne (GM)

Attack/Comets  1996-2002

Craig  Klos (Trainer)

Comets  1982-91

Doug  Wiesner (Trainer)

Comets  1982-91