Get to know...Nacho Flores

by Laken Horton

“However your personality is on the field that’s how you are in life,” said Ignacio Flores, Comets’ Defender. Ignacio “Nacho” Flores has shown to be hard-working, determined and a team player on and off the field.

Nacho was the youngest of four, two brothers and a sister. Growing up in Santiago, Chile he watched his mother, work hard to take care of him and his siblings, which influenced his work ethic and has made him such a valuable player on the Comets.

Starting at a very young age, he played soccer for the recreational center in his community and played all throughout high school. He moved to the United States after being invited to a showcase by U.S. recruiters.

Pursuing an education at Park University, Nacho received a Bachelor of science in Fitness and Wellness. While during the offseason he uses his degree to coach and develop young players. “It (Fitness and Wellness degree) has really helped me work on my game as well as coaching.”

Flores advice on field personality reflecting life is something he continues to share with his fans and other up and coming players. “If they work hard and work harder than everyone else, their hard work pays off. Hard work beats talent.”

Even during the off season he continues to practice. “I can’t stop, I can’t not do anything.” He challenges himself to get better in his skill and trains with a summer team just to develop and grow stronger, which has allowed him to creatively dominate the field and help his team.

As he focuses on summer league he is still looking forward to the upcoming season with the Comets. “It’s always great to be playing anyway but playing for the comets is great. I love the atmosphere, the fans are great and even though we had a bad season last year, they stood by our side. I am looking forward to this season”

Nacho Fun Facts:

  • Game day prep would be to eat very well the night before and that morning, use a foam roller to stretch my muscles, watch some film to study some plays and analyze key players on the other team. Get to the locker room early and listen to happy excited music.
  • I can sing.
  • I have a tattoo with one big wolf and four little wolves that represent my mother, siblings and I.